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Roderick Galdes

According to the Greek mythology, the phoenix was a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Spanning over the past quarter of a century in power, the sheer arrogance vented bluntly by particular prominent characters forming part of the high echelons of GonziPN, has literally reduced the Nationalist Party into ashes. Throughout the past months the whole nation had the chance to hear public declarations by disgruntled Nationalists, including ex-ministers, lamenting that the topography of the Party that once was their inspiration has changed to an extent that it is unrecognizable.

Closer to Verdict

Within the past months the main mission of GonziPN, even if it meant to limp on crutches, was to prolong the existence of his crippling government to the extreme limit possible notwithstanding that this led to; political instability, parliament rendered into talk show, a minister had to resign without being replaced, an ambassador had to resign, votes of confidence pass with the speaker’s casting vote, etc. Maneuvers, swaying and swerving to avoid the pitfalls similarly to the way a chess grand master avoids checkmate position.

The writing is on the wall and no matter how much GonziPN maneuvers to avoid the fated, surely that the people’s judgment cannot be prevented. Despite the fact that parliamentary majority has melted away, he persisted to go ahead with presenting a Budget and forcing rebel representative with no option but to pull the plug!

Simon the Cyrenian

One of the latest chess moves by GonziPN was to inject ‘new’ blood into the high echelons give the impression of rejuvenation and transformation. MEP Simon Busuttil has been elected as deputy leader after contesting post together with cabinet backed finance minister, Tonio Fenech.

Undoubtedly that Dr Busuttil is no newcomer to local politics at all. He has been close and part and parcel of GonziPN for the past decade. Indisputably, Simon descents from the same breed forming part of GonziPN’s body and soul. Some time ago, he was publicly handpicked by the Premier as his ‘special delegate’ and in all probability involved in all maneuvers that characterized that past months of the legislature.

Similarly to the biblical Simon of Cyrene, Dr Busuttil decided to jump from back to front seat, precisely, as according to him, it was his turn to attempt within the coming weeks to resuscitate GonziPN and render it electable. Self-declaring, Dr Busuttil was involved in the shaping and penning of GonziPN’s electoral manifesto 2008 and forthcoming one, he was a household face during last electoral campaign, wholeheartedly involved in the last MEP’s electoral campaign and the appointed link between GonziPN and civil society.
Publicly divulging that now it was his turn to vow for his leader and become the mythical Atlas shouldering the whole world of GonziPN upon his shoulder.

Two Facets

Simon as a politician projects two facets; the soft spoken, articulated, smart, scholarly, knowledgeable and brainy on the European level as an MEP, and the tribal, provincial, insular, unsophisticated, conservative and conventional on the local level as dictated by the convenience of votes. The two facets of Simon are miles apart and the personal success obtained as an MEP, which was much individually attributed, does not necessary mean that it can be replicated as party deputy leader, were the success now depends more on the collective and shouldering the responsibilities of blunders throughout the past legislature.

Definitely, it is herculean task to resuscitate the phoenix from the ashes and although he might succeed in controlling some of the damage, surely cannot overturn the fate of GonziPN. At present building a bridge with cabinet ministers is a top priority for him.

A Future that Unites Us

Meanwhile, irrespective of the scaremongering campaign launched by GonziSimonPN we shall continue to focus on voicing the peoples’ woes and pronouncing proposals that would alleviate the standard of living, especially those who are struggling to make both ends meet.

We shall urgently be embarking on improving the educational system to encourage more students to continue with their educational voyage. Our proposal in this regard is that the highest percentage of students will continue with post-secondary education, else will be directed to attend necessary training to join the workforce.

A sound educational system shall be our mission, as this will guarantee that our country will continue to progress and evolve in Europe and be competitive in international markets.

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