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PHOTOS: Maltese man tackled by a bull in Spain

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A Maltese man was photographed during the annual Running of the Bulls festival in Spain.

The man can be seen wearing a red hoodie with the eight-pointed cross on the front while on the back a sentence which might not make the Maltese so proud of.


It was diehard Power fan, Joe Nelson, that went to the rescue and took the bull by the horns as he was photographed rescuing the Maltese man who was trapped and in great danger facing the bull.

The festival which is held in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, last for eight long days all in honour of Saint Fermin.

Many who enjoy the adrenalin of this event decide to run with the bulls in a narrow course for just over two minutes.

Four people have already been hospitalised while another person was gored in the thigh following the first bull run.

The Maltese man was very lucky to have escaped such attack. It is not yet known the identity of the man and his condition.

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