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PN – Our change means better and more well-paid work

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Prime Minister and Nationalist Party Leader Lawrence Gonzi said that while PN change meant more well-paid work, change brought by the MLP meant freezing of wages and unemployment

Speaking during an interview on Radio 101 this morning, Dr Gonzi said that freezing the minimum wage would decrease the quality of life of workers, and have a negative impact even on other workers because there would be no incentive to increase wages.
Dr Gonzi said the economic policies of Muscat were the same as those of Dom Mintoff in the eighties.

“With Labour, the quality of life freezes, not just wages.”
The Prime Minister said that the PN did not believe in freezing wages, and was dependable, unlike the Labour Party, whom you could never be sure of. He said that if PN was given the mandate by the people, the Government would continue to strive to further increase wages and with them, the quality of life. Lawrence Gonzi referred to several measures taken during this term, including incentives to return women to the world of work, as well as measures in favour of the elderly and businesses.

He referred to the recent Fitch report, which said that Malta was on track and the present government policy was rendering results. “However, Fitch qualified this judgment on the premise that there are no shocks or changes to this policy in the weeks and months to come,” he warned.
On education, Dr Gonzi said that socialists decided what you had to learn and what you would become, while the PN believed in education. “You are in the center and the changes made are the ones you want. The Government has invested heavily in facilities, teachers, schools and educational institutions at every level,” said the Prime Minister.
Investment includes €33 million in new schools and €23 million in stipends for students in post-secondary levels with investments amounting to around € 6,000 per student each year, as well as extra stipends for students from low-income families.
Dr Gonzi paid tribute to the strong contribution given by teachers and Learning Support Assistants who he said were instrumental in changing education – which was no longer 'one-size-fits-all.'
At the end of the interview, the Prime Minister said the PN in government brought changes that meant more and better jobs and the country moved forward. On the other hand, Labour simply wanted to freeze and stagnate the quality of life for everyone.

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