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PN: Emanuel Mallia contradicted himself

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The Nationalist Party said today that Home Affairs Minister, Emanuel Mallia, contradicted himself on his knowledge on the oil procurement scandal.

The party published on youtube comments made by Dr Mallia during the electoral campaign and he can be heard saying that he got to know about the scandal from the newspapers.

The comments were made by Dr Mallia during a press conference.

Oil trader George Farrugia on Monday told the Public Accounts Committee that Dr Mallia knew about the oil procurement corruption since 2010 and had threatened to report him to the Police unless he reached settlement with John’s Group. Dr Mallia was the lawyer for Mr Farrugia’s brothers who were shareholders in John’s Group.

The PN reiterated that Dr Mallia was citing professional secrecy but George Farrugia was never his client. The party once again said that Dr Mallia and the Prime Minister should shoulder political responsibility.

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