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PN Holds Meeting in Marsaxlokk to Address LNG Tanker

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This morning the Nationalist Party held one of the first mass rallies since the election at Marsaxlokk Main Square in support with the local residents, in relation to the Prime minister’s decision to install the LNG tanker in Marsaxlokk Bay.

President of the Nationalist Party’s Executive, Dr Ann Fenech highlighted that this tanker also known as ‘Floating Storage Unit’ will consist of 136,000 cubic meter of gas, instead of the proposed 60,000 cubic meter stated before last year’s election.

The maritime expert insisted that the Maritime Impact Assessment – a study that would examine all accident scenarios, the effects and the responses needed, has not yet been confirmed that it has been concluded.

This assessment takes into consideration in ensuring that no ignition sources are located near flammable materials. Also what would happen if a collision between a ship and the FSU caused an ignition?

Nationalist Party Leader Dr Simon Busuttil gave gratitude to all those present, in showing their concern towards the Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga residents. Dr Busuttil emphasized that the party’s priority is to safeguard every individual’s health and safety.

He pointed out that now it is up to MEPA to take the correct decision, and consider every individuals life before installing the LNG tanker, metaphorically the size of three football grounds. 

That is why Nationalist representative Hon. Ryan Callus who is on the MEPA board, will vote in favour of the people and that all other representatives should do likewise, Dr Busuttil said.

He concluded that the Government should take into consideration every statement, such as that of Dutch professor Hans Pasman. That a leakage would result in a gas cloud which, if ignited, would kill and demolish those within the area.

Therefore it is utmost importance from the Governments side to avoid undue risk and prioritise other people’s life's, according to Dr Simon Busuttil.

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