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PN leading denominators

Article By:
Ingrid Brownrigg

Over the last decades, there is no question that the PN has been the leading actor in the changes that were brought about in Malta. Out of these, I just mention some of them; Independence, democracy, economy and full member state as part of the European Union. Despite the often stiff resistance from the Labour Party, one might ask, what were the common denominators present for these major achievements? One of these was to hold dialogues, first internally at party structures, then in government (together with all social partners) and finally with all the society.

I too, believe in dialogues, in discussions. I do not believe in confrontation. I listen, appreciate and take note of different opinions and ideas. This is the point where a discussion would be successful. A mixture of opinions and ideas clearly shows that we could all be in for a decent discussion. However, I do often feel that sometimes we do not take note of all the opinions and ideas being fairly expressed in a discussion. We often end up in heated discussions full of insults with no concrete conclusions.

Thanks to Dr. Eddie FenechAdami, who much emphasised the concept of dialogue, today, we all agree that both parties do make regular dialogues. But what about in doing dialogues together with all the political parties, thus sharing all the opinions and ideas all at one place? There is the dire need for political maturity in this regard whereby we would freely discuss, appreciate and tolerate different opinions to further progress the standard of living of each and every one of us.

Another common denominator was the party’s continuous renewal process. Next week’s election of Deputy Leader is a good example. This will give the party a remarkable opportunity to renew itself before the next general election and not after. This will bring a good vibe, a good energy to the party.  The party renewed itself and opted for continuity, even for the good of the country. The party did not go for a complete change but rather for a swift transition within its internal structures.

The party acknowledges itself that it has a very good starting point to continue moving in the right direction but it now requires some maintenance in order to give out more, to continue evolving itself by fitting in today’s needs. Despite living in a fast changing society, we cannot ignore our values, our principles; actually what we believe in. For this to happen, the party needs to have new faces, coupled with different experiences, together with those who have been giving out their services, both for the good of the party and for the country for a long time. For this reason, the party will be renewed. In return, the country will also be changed.

Reason has prevailed
The positive vote for Tonio Borg at the European Parliament on Wednesday meant that reason prevailed. It also meant that he tackled tough issues one after another in a clear and honest manner. Tonio did give an exceptional image not only for himself but rather for the whole country. Tonio made us proud both at European Union and even here in Malta whereby both political parties were united and rose up in arms together.


Ingrid Brownrigg is a PN Candidate on the 3rd District and can be reached on:


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