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PN - Making the most out of the skills of the Maltese

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Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that the Nationalist Party has always shown confidence in the Maltese people and worked to make the most of their skills by offering amazing job opportunities and better education.

Speaking on Radio 101 this morning, Dr Gonzi said that this was the difference between PN and Labour. While the Nationalist Party  invested in schools, university, MCAST and the Institute for Tourism Studies, the years under a Labour government led to the shutting down of the Polytechnic, had the least number students at the university, and turned the stipends into loans.

“Within 22 months of Labour government, unemployment went up, 33 new taxes were introduced, the deficit increased, a tax larger than VAT was introduced, and water and electricity bills went up even though the oil price was much cheaper than it is today.”

Dr Gonzi also said that Labour leader Joseph Muscat had suggested that Malta copy Cyprus or Iceland, which were now in crisis. He also referred to an article where former Labour Minister Alex Trigona Sceberras  said that Malta lacked democracy, when the same Sceberras Trigona was part of the Labour leadership that ran against the will of the majority of the people.

“But the Nationalist Party still believes in the Maltese and their talents. Malta has the infrastructure ready to face the challenges our country and create more opportunities. That is why the Nationalist Party in Government will remain committed to improving the quality of life of Maltese. It shall be the substance of policy,” Dr Gonzi concluded.

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