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PN is the party that has a vision for the future of the country – Lawrence Gonzi

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Annette Vella

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s speech tonight at the Granaries in Floriana centred about the fact that the Nationalist Party was always that catalyst of change in Malta, it was the party that always witheld the values it believed in, the party that was always on the right said of history and is the party that has a vision for the future of the country.

He said that 48 years ago today, the Prime Minister Gorg Borg Olivier in a patriotic way waved Malta’s new constitution that he had obtained for independent Malta. That constitution sealed Malta’s national identity.

He also claimed that independence was the beginning of a new adventure. “An adventure of a small people proud with the gains it made. 48 years ago, Gorg Borg Olivier, on behalf of the PN, had said “don’t give up. Be strong against each challenge you face. Grasp it to create wealth.”

He said that then the PN had told the Maltese to be proud, not to measure themselves by Malta’s size but through the creation of ideas and the vision they had of Malta.

Dr Gonzi said that today in 2012, we look back and we look at the future and say that the call of Dr Borg Olivier was adhered to and brought it forward. “We have all together written Malta’s history,” he said. “We strive for continuous change and throughout the years the PN has pushed for the change that the country needed, the change that brought prosperity for all.”

Dr Lawrence Gonzi denoted that Independence was the mother of change. Without it Malta would not have made the acquisitions it has made today, he said adding that eight years ago Malta made another good step forward when it became a member of the European Union. He said that Malta is what it is today because 25  years ago Malta was led by Dr Eddie Fenech Adami.

He said Independence belongs to all and is written in Malta’s history, and thus one has to say that the PN has its name written in the history of the country. “It was the party that always believed in Malta and the Maltese. It was the party that had a vision for the country and was always on the right side of history. It was the PN who always put youth, the families and the elderly at the centre of its politics,” Dr Gonzi said.

The Prime Minister criticised the Labour Party for failing to recognise that Independence gave Malta its sovereignty. He said that he was proud that as leader of the PN he had the privilege of leading the party and the country and that the PN had such an input in all the gains made by the country.

He said that thus Independence is so dear to the PN and each and every Maltese. He said many might question why the PN was always on the right side of history. He said this did not happen by chance but do to the PN’s roots that are the values it believes in, the values the inspired it throughout history to lead the country in the right way.

Lawrence Gonzi said that the PN has always believed in the value of democracy, in the freedom of speech, in justice, in the law and order. He said that in the past years solidarity has become stronger especially with those in need and with Malta’s neighbours as happened last year during the crisis in Libya and the solidarity shown with the immigrants that arrive on Maltese shores.

Dr Gonzi said that he has no problems speaking about values because it is values that guide the PN in the decisions it takes. To be modern does not mean putting aside the values. “How could you leave your decision in the hands of a person who does not talk about the principles that guide him in his choices,” he asked.

He referred to the financial crises being faced by the neighbouring countries and said that such a situation was a result of people who sacrificed their values for greed; “I want it all and I want it now” is what brought the present day crises he said.

Prime Minister Gonzi remarked that the past 48 years after Independence can the Maltese trust someone who is promising everything to everyone adding that works and jobs can only be guaranteed by the PN in Government.

“How could you trust Malta in someone who doubts human dignity? How can someone trust a party leader who told government to abandon migrants stranded out at sea? Our values would not let us rest if we do not try to save all those lives that are in danger,” Lawrence Gonzi went on to say.

“We will not allow anyone take control of the country when we know that he does not care for the values that are so dear to the Maltese. He said that this means that values have to be adapted to the times and should be the guide all the decisions taken,” he said.

Lawrence Gonzi said values were always the trust of the choices taken and helped the PN to be on the right side of history. He said the PL is ashamed to refer to his history and would like to rewrite so. On the contrary the PN is proud of its past since its inception.

He said that the past four years had been difficult. “We faced many challenges in the economy, in the social sector and political challenges. We had internal and external challenges. We faced many obstacles and problems. We faced an economic crisis and the Arab Spring and took decisions,” he said.

“In the meantime we had an Opposition led by a new leader who continued on the same lines of his predecessors forecasting that Malta would enter recession and forecasting a general election more than 23 times. They were the ones who praised Cyprus and criticised Malta,” he said.

Lawrence Gonzi made it clear that the PN is still in control of the country and until it has the faith of the majority of the deputies in Parliament it will see the legislature through.

He said a mistake or two in crucial economic decisions will land Malta in the same situation being faced by neighbouring countries that had to ask for monetary help that required strict fiscal measures. “Malta is not in this situation and does not need to face such situation,” Dr Gonzi said.

The Leader of the PN said that the party will make sure that it will continue to govern to ensure that Malta will continue to gain economically and to have a better environment. He said that today the PN can go up to the people and tell them “look at our economy. It is one that is providing the best results in Europe. We have created 20,000 new jobs and will continue to create better jobs for all.”

“If you are one of those whose job was saved in the past years then you can understand what the PN means for you. When you receive your pay at the end of the month remember that the PN was there when you needed it to defend your job,” he said.

Dr Gonzi said that statistics are a certificate of the gains made by the PN in Government. Statistics that show that the gains made are a result of a wise policy conducted by government. He said that the change the PN has brought in the country allows each one to progress and make success in the area that one chooses. “When we see you succeed we open the doors to allow you to make more progress,” he said.

Referring to Malta’s European dimension, Prime Minister Gonzi said that Malta has still much to do. “We want to show that the PN is not a party of the present but of the future, a party that still has fresh ideas for the country. We have not only overcome the challenges but are still determined to face new ones,” he said.

Lawrence Gonzi said that each change occurring in Europe can be translated into an opportunity for Malta. “We want a stronger EU. We believe that the Eurozone should continue to be strengthened to win over the competition it faces from the rest of the world,” he said.

“Remember that the majority of the products produced in the local factories are sold in the European market. Thus if the EU becomes stronger then our economy will become stronger and the demand for the products produced by Maltese industries will grow,” he said.

“We are proud to be Maltese, to be European. The PN was the party that had the vision to lead Malta to become a member of the EU,” he said. “EU means freedom, economic progress, new jobs, better health service, better infrastructure, higher standards and a better quality of life. This is what EU means for all,” Dr Gonzi said. “We could never speak against the EU because we always believed in change for the better.”

He said that is only a few months remain until the general election is called. He said that when this happens the Maltese will have the privilege to make a choice.

“We want to continue to modernise the Maltese economy by equipping youth better. That is why we want to have the best schools in the country that will train the students for the new jobs that will be created in the future. We want the self-employed to believe in their talents, the farmers and animal breeders to continue to produce fresh produce. We want Gozo to continue to attract Maltese and foreign tourists. We want to create more jobs in Gozo, to improve accessibility between the two islands. That is why we will continue with the studies to see if the underwater tunnel is viable, and if it is we will go ahead with the project,” he said.

“When the time comes to make a choice I don’t doubt that you will choose the party that was always on the right side of history, on the side of values, that always had a direction and with who you always know where you stood. You will choose a party that put the citizen at the centre of its politics.
I am sure you will put your faith in the hands of the PN. You are our choice, your choice is us. We have faith in all of you. The PN is the change for the future. Let us look at the future with courage and determination. We have faith in the Maltese. We are ready to face the challenges and create new opportunities,” he concluded.

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