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Update: PN: Toni Abela protects criminals

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The Commissioner of Police has told PL Deputy Leader Toni Abela that there is no case based on the recently revealed controvercial recording, a PL statement claimed. 

The Police have had the tape since 2010, the PL have stated, adding that the Commissioner also heard part of the recording which the PN have not yet released. The recording reveals that Dr Abela asked a police officer not to investigate a case stating that it was a civil matter not a criminal one.

Dr Abela explained that the Commissioner of Police called him to meet at the depot in Floriana yesterday evening. “The recording shows that I took immediate on the incident at the Labour Party club, removing the person in question from his position”.

New recording

A new recording was revealed earlier today, where Dr Abela is heard speaking about an incident where a President of a Labour Party club was fired after having disposed of “white powder”.


PN reaction

Today’s recording regarding Toni Abela's knowledge of drugs in one of the PL Clubs is scandelous, the PN have argued.

Instead of reporting the person to the police, the PL Deputy Leader defended him, the PN argued, adding that PL Leader Joseph Muscat is defending his Deputy Leader on the issue.

“Toni Abela protects criminals,” the PN accused.


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Another political blow to the PN for conductiong a really negative election campaign. When the Commissioner of Police stated that there is no case against the Labour Deputy Leader Toni Abela. The elction result will clearly show how feed up are many of the PN supporters about the way the PN had run its election campaign. For trivial cases against their political adversaries the PN invent 'a storm in a tea cup'. But on the otherhand to minimize the serious accusations of corruption. The PN do its best to play it down. Shame on you PN for such bad tactics.
In 2010 the PN did not report the use of its Mosta Club as a Pole Dancing Bar to police. But the police had to intervene to shut the bar. This case was scandelous so much so that the PN kept it to himself at Id-Dar Centrali. Not even the PN Councillors knew what was happening.

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