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Power station not related to respiratory problems - Medical experts

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Malta has the second lowest cancer rate in Europe, Minister for Health, the Elderly and Community Care Joe Cassar said today.

Director of Information and Health Research Neville Calleja, explained that the percentage of people with asthma is lower than in other regions.

Medical Consultant Martin Balzan, added that the results of studies regarding respiratory disease in Malta show that the amount of traffic has a direct effect on respiratory health issues.

Specialist Consultant in Oncology Nicholas Refalo, added that smoking and traffic are to blame for respiratory problems and not the power stations which exist in our country. “This is why the government needs to continue their work to reduce the number of smokers in our country”.

Director for the Education, Health Promotion and Disease Surveillance Charmaine Gauci, explained that 579 patients attend the ‘smoking cessation class’ and that new legislation has been introduced to prevent people from smoking in public areas, including playgrounds.

The Minister spoke about the low cancer rate, attributing it to the National Plan for Cancer. He said that this has helped prolong life as well as improve the overall quality of life for patients. Minister Cassar also referred to various initiatives that were introduced over the past five years.

Speaking on the screening process for breast cancer, Dr Nadine Delicata explained that 161 women were identified as having breast cancer after they were invited for breast screening.

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