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Updated: Brother-in law charged with double murder

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Daniel Mizzi

Jason Galea, 39, of Birzebbugia has been arraigned in court accused of murdering his brother-in-law and nephew, 51-year old convicted criminal Mario Camilleri known as l-Imnieħru and his 21 year old son, Mario Junior. 

This was announced by Assistant Police Commissioner Pierre Calleja during a press conference. It was also announced that a second person could be charged with the double murder. Two men had been arrested shortly after the discovery of the bodies. The two, who are thought to be close to the Camilleri family, reside in Birzebbugia and Valletta.

The Police also confirmed the discovery of another corpse close to the bodies. Although still unidentified pending an autopsy and forensic tests, sources are suggesting that the body could be that of Matthew Zahra, 27, of Valletta who was reported missing on August 15 2012.

Calleja also said that 51-year-old Mario Camilleri had been shot in the head while his son was stabbed around 34 times and then shot repeatedly.

However, the police have not confirmed how Mario Sr. died.

The bodies of the convicted criminal and his son were found yesterday evening found covered with soil, under a tree in a field off Triq l-Ghannejja next to a cow farm near the former gas installation.

The two had been reported missing on Wednesday afternoon by Mario Camilleri's wife.

51 year old Mario Camilleri 'l-Imnieħru', a convicted drug trafficker, was also convicted of bribing former Chief Justice Noel Arrigo whom he paid around €23,000 in exchange for a leaner sentence. He was also awaiting trial over heroin trafficking and possession dating back to 2007.

Meanwhile, his 21 year old son also had frequent brushes with the law. Last year, he was charged with kicking and attacking two policewomen. Back in 2008, Mario Junior, together with his father, was charged with assault and inflicting slightly injuries and with the illegal possession of a firearm.

The men were last seen on Wednesday at around 20:30h. Mr Camilleri was last seen driving a grey Volkswagen Passat with registration number KBO 079 while his son was seen boarding a small red car.

Magistrate Edwina Grima launched a magisterial inquiry and appointed several experts to help her with the investigation.

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