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Saying sorry is not enough

Article By:
Carmel Cacopardo

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat acted practically immediately in requesting Hon. Anġlu Farrugia’s resignation from his Deputy Leadership post as a result of his inappropriate comments on Magistrate Audrey Demicoli last Sunday. It was right that a politician should be asked to shoulder political responsibility for his actions.

Last week in the post entitled “Weeding out corruption” I recalled another politician, Hon Tonio Fenech Minister of Finance, whose private secretary admitted to being bribed and using the resulting funds for the electoral campaign of the Hon Minister.

Apparently when the Hon Minister stated that he was not aware of what was going on in his private secretariat he was absolved of any responsibility. It was the second time for the Hon Minister as earlier he had admitted  to infringing the Ministerial Code of Ethics. But the other Deputy Leader Simon Busuttil told us that Tonio Fenech was sorry for this, and as a result of this sorrow Lawrence Gonzi had absolved him of his political responsibilities.

It is too early to conclude whether Labour Leader Joseph Muscat has ushered in a new era as a result of which a politician in Malta must acknowledge political responsibility for his actions. Yesterday’s happenings surely contrast with the method of operation of Lawrence Gonzi who has acted in a schizophrenic manner during his tenure of the post of Prime Minister. He demanded John Dalli’s resignation. Yet he defended his allies Tonio Fenech and  Austin Gatt who should have been forced to resign ages ago.

It seems that Joseph Muscat has taught Lawrence Gonzu a lesson as to what political responsibility is. Saying sorry is not enough. At least so it seems!

An architect and civil engineer, the author is the Deputy Chairman of Alternattiva Demokratika – the Green Party in Malta and is its spokesman on sustainable development and home affairs.

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