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Simon Busuttil elected PN leader

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Simon Busuttil was elected the seventh leader of the Nationalist Party with 93% of votes cast by 881 delegates in the second election for a new leader of the party.

Six per cent of councillors voted against Dr Busuttil being PN leader while 18 votes were invalid. Dr Busuttil obtained 802 votes in favour out of 863 valid votes cast. The quota was 588. 

A total of 901 councillors collected their vote out of the 913 eligible to vote. During the first election on Saturday, 897 delegates cast their vote.

The extraordinary general council will come to an end this evening. Incumbent leader Lawrence Gonzi was warmly greeted by the councillors who filled the hall and received a standing ovation among chants of 'Gonzi, Gonzi'.

The Labour Party this evening augured to the new PN leader and said that as leader he should ensure that the old way of doing politics, that of us and them, is eradicated and embark on politics of maturity and cooperation with the government.

Dr Busuttil is expected to make his first address as PN leader soon. 

Voting started at 10:00h and incumbent leader Lawrence Gonzi cast his vote to elect his successor at around 10:15h together with the party’s secretary general, Paul Borg Olivier, Paula Mifsud Bonnici and contestants Simon Busuttil, Mario de Marco and Francis Zammit Dimech. Former leader, Eddie Fenech Adami, cast his vote at 11:00h.

Dr Busuttil garnered 50.3 per cent of votes in the first election held last Saturday but this was not enough to confirm him as leader as two-thirds of votes cast are required.

Second placed Mario de Marco with 38.5 per cent and third placed Francis Zammit Dimech withdrew from the contest while Raymond Bugeja was automatically eliminated after garnering the lowest amount of votes.

Dr de Marco, Francis Zammit Dimech and Raymond Bugeja all said that they will not be contesting the deputy leader post but were willing to continue serving the party.

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