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SmartCity Malta donates €100,000 to l-Istrina 2013

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SmartCity Malta has donated €100,000 to L-iStrina mill-Qalb 2013 - Malta’s largest philanthropic initiative. In the spirit of doing more for charity, for the second consecutive year, SmartCity Malta hosted part of this year’s L-iStrina at its premises on December 26 as a satellite venue.

The event was held at Laguna Walk within SmartCity Malta which was open for the very first time to the public for everyone to enjoy and experience during the merry festive season. A fantastic destination for families to spend quality time, the Laguna Walk at SmartCity Malta is a great venue for the hosting of L-iStrina 2013 which aims to give back to the Maltese community and organize fun-filled activities. The Laguna Walk will be officially inaugurated next spring.

The President thanked SmartCity Malta’s CEO, Anthony Tabone for SmartCity Malta’s significant contribution and support towards L-iStrina mill-Qalb 2013. Whilst thanking the President of Malta and the Malta Community Chest Fund for giving SmartCity Malta the opportunity to participate in l-Istrina mill-Qalb 2013 for the second consecutive year, SmartCity Malta CEO, Mr Tabone said that the SmartCity team is honoured to have hosted the event once again at its premises for the people of Malta.

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