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Temporary Cease-fire for Gaza Today at 10.00am

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The amount of Palestinians killed in Gaza in the hostility with Israel is of 227 dead and 1,685 injured. This was announced by the news agency al-Ray, close to Hamas. One Palestinian was killed this morning at dawn during an Israeli air raid in the center of the Gaza Strip, a few hours before the entry into force of a five-hour humanitarian truce, Palestinian medical sources said. The attack, which caused two wounded, was launched to hit Deir el-Balah in central Gaza Strip, added the same source. The Israeli army has this morning managed to thwart the infiltration in the Negev of fifteen armed Hamas militants. Israel's civilian population is closed in homes, while patrols are continuing.

The temporary "cease-fire", from 10 am (local time), has the aim of allowing the entry of humanitarian aid in areas affected by the war. Wednesday, four children were killed in Gaza during an Israeli incursion from the sea. The victims, Palestinian sources said, were hit by bullets from the direction of the sea, probably by a patrol boat, while playing soccer. Two other children died in an air raid that claimed six victims. In all, 23 people were killed in one day on Wednesday. In the evening it was declared unilaterally by Israel, "a five-hour humanitarian truce" and Hamas agreed. But once the stop will finish, according to security sources in Tel Aviv, it is "very highly" probable that Israel will launch a ground operation in the strip.

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