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Together, we can renew ourselves

Article By:
Ingrid Brownrigg

It has been a frenetic week for the PN. It must also have been positive. Following last Wednesday’s excellent budget speech by the finance minister Hon. Tonio Fenech and the consequent positive measures been taken, today we are facing one of the most difficult choices for the party. The councillors have two effective candidates to choose from. Whichever way it goes, it will result in the party’s renewal process which was always the key to PN successes over the past decades.

The next general election is just round the corner. In view of this, the councillors have to loyally choose the best candidate for the post of the PN deputy leader. For while the PN in government managed to weather the financial crisis better than other EU countries by having taken responsible decisions in terms of our nation’s finances, we can easily turn the page for the worse, rather than for the better. Today, the councillors’ decision could be detrimental for the future of the party but also for the future of the country.

Both contestants offer unique diversity for the PN. When compared, Hon. Tonio Fenech can be more attributed to the management of the country’s finances during these troublesome international circumstances and economic realities. Dr. Simon Busutill offers a more unique experience at EU level and can bring fresh ideas for the party and for the country. His exceptional work in Brussels and the good reputation he managed to build, not just for himself but even for the country, is surely helping Malta to raise its voice in the European Union. More prominently, it is leaving an influence on other EU member states. 

Hon. Tonio Fenech has been doing a great job at his Ministry of Finance during such turbulent times. The budget, just presented, is just a notably example.  However, I do believe that for the good of the party and better, for the country, the responsible choice would have to go for Dr. Simon Busuttil. At the moment, Simon is the right person, at the right time, and can be the main factor, for his unique and direct communication with the electorate for a possible victory at the next general election.

A survey published by a local newspaper last Sunday shows that Dr. Simon Busuttil as a deputy leader of the PN, together with Dr. Lawrence Gonzi as its leader can together lead the party for the upcoming challenge. It is clear that the electorate at large supports Dr. Simon Busuttil for this deterring position.

General elections have never been easy. The PN is facing a formidable task to get re-elected, not for the lack of results which were together achieved but more for the lack of communication strategy to properly inform the public by the major reforms carried out. There is no question that the PN is still the best party to lead this country during these uncertain times. However, the electorate wants a change for the better, a concrete restoration, and also fresh and new ideas within the party. Unlike the Labour party, it does not need a cosmetic change. Today, we have a golden opportunity for renewal. For the good of the party and of the country, I have the responsibility to choose Dr. Simon Busuttil in order to be one step closer for another victory with concrete results at hand, over the wild promises being made by Dr. Joseph Muscat.

Waste management for a better health and environment

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the open day held by WasteServ at the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant in Marsascala. As part of the PN initiatives and investments related to the environment, this plant got rationalised thanks to the EU funds available, rightly applied by the Maltese government. The visitors had the opportunity to see the importance of waste separation and management and also the recycling process. Recycled waste is now either being used locally such as car tyres or else being exported to other countries for their internal use.

The Labour Party was against the innovation of this project. Dr. Joseph Muscat, who at the time was still an MEP, much lobbied against the EU funds. To date, I still do not know the reason behind his objections. If things went to Muscat’s side, Malta would have lost 17 million worth of EU funds. Much worse, Malta would have lost a one-off opportunity to renovate the recycling plant plus the way we manage our waste, in deficit of our health and environment.

You deserve a better choice. You deserve the best. PN is still the leading party for the better. 

Ingrid Brownrigg is a PN Candidate on the 3rd District can be reached on: and on


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