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Tourism, education on General Consul’s agenda

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Tourism and education were given priority on the Maltese General Consul’s Agenda in Istanbul.

In February 2012, General Consul Reuben Gauci visited Malta’s stand at the East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (EMITT), the fifth largest exhibition of its type, which brings together 60 countries from across the world.

During his visit, Mr Gauci talked to journalists about Malta’s touristic potential and how the country has always been at the forefront of hospitality.

Later this year, the General Consul met the President of the travel agency TURSAB, which is looking to increase its destinations and promote Malta as a touristic destination for Turks.

In March, he discussed Malta-related issues at Bilgi University in Istanbul. He talked about Malta’s history and how it led it the nation becoming a sovereign state, its politics as well as foreign affairs.

In April, Mr Gauci signed an agreement with visa collecting agency VF Worldwide Holdings Limited (VFS), which will enable Turkish citizens as well as those of other countries who have residency permits in Turkey to submit their visa applications to visit Malta in three additional cities on top of the two where this was already possible. This agreement therefore now includes the five cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Gaziantep.

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