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Tunisian Ambassador visits IMLI

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Ambassador of Tunisia to Malta Souad Gueblaoui recently paid an official visit to the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI). During her visit Ambassador Gueblaoui had the opportunity to meet the students attending IMLI’s 24th LL.M. programme and to be introduced to the Institute and its work.

The Ambassador was welcomed by IMLI Director David Attard who expressed his great pleasure at her visit to the Institute. Professor Attard stated that IMLI is proud of its two Tunisian gradates, who are both successful women, and who are the best ambassadors of IMLI in Tunisia. Professor Attard concluded by saying that he hopes that, with the support of Ambassador Gueblaoui, other Tunisian lawyers will be trained at IMLI.

Ambassador Gueblaoui thanked Professor Attard for welcoming her to IMLI and giving her the opportunity to meet such a diverse body of students. When addressing the students, Ambassador Gueblaoui stated that she was very pleased to meet them and very proud to see so many women lawyers representing their countries. In her opinion, IMLI offers a unique opportunity to its students, as they are trained in different areas of international law and will use this training in their home countries for the development of sound national policies. This aspect is very important to developing countries, and training at IMLI is an opportunity Tunisian lawyers should also avail of, as the country is facing various challenges including the delimitation of maritime boundaries with its neighbours. She then wished the students all the best in their academic endeavours.
Dr. Souad Gueblaoui started her diplomatic career at the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Ministry as Secretary of Foreign Affairs in the Department of International Organizations, a year after obtaining a doctoral degree in international relations in 1987. 

Subsequently, she served as Chief of Division at the Direction of North America and Canada (1998-2001), Deputy Director in charge of cooperation with South-East Asian Countries (2006-2008) and Deputy Director in charge of cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean countries (2008-2009).

Overseas, she served as Vice-Consul of Tunisia in Strasbourg (1991-1998), Counselor at the Tunisian Embassy in Ankara (2001-2006) and Chargé d’affaires in Seoul (2009-August 2011).

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