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UK Couple Arrested for ‘neglect’ of 11-Year-Old Son

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A couple, in the UK, have been arrested on suspicion of neglect and child cruelty after their 11-year-old son’s weight ballooned to 95 kilos.

Police stepped in after doctors raised concerns about the boy’s welfare following two visits to hospital earlier this year.

Yesterday the parents said that they blamed genetics rather than his diet and lifestyle, for their son’s weight. The couple have agreed to a letter of intent over the boy’s care outlining what they will do to help him lose weight, following a meeting with a social worker. If they fail to stick to the terms, legal proceedings will be started to take the boy into care.

The 5ft 1in schoolboy has a body mass index of 41.8 – close to double the healthy level. A social services report is said to record that he fell over during a school swimming session and was unable to stand up by himself. It also details admissions to teachers that the boy, who is supposed to be on a strict diet, had eaten takeaways and been to a milkshake parlour.

The father, 49, and his unemployed wife, 43, told The Sun they try to encourage their son to play sport by giving him toy guns to fire in their garden at home. He also plays regularly on his Nintendo Wii, a computer games console in which players depend on physical movements to control actions on the screen. The couple had signed up to a voluntary plan to tackle the boy’s weight when they were threatened with legal action earlier this year, but it brought no improvement.

Concerns were raised by teachers at the specialist school he attends for help with autism, and the parents agreed to see a social worker.

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