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Update: Meteor shower injury count on the rise

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A meteor shower in Russia has injured over 900 people, Russia's interior Ministry has said

Reports have read that over 20,000 rescue workers have been dispatched to aid injured and locate those needing help.

The incident occurred over the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. And a witness has stated that the sounds of car alarms and breaking windows could be heard in the area. Statements from various media in the region indicate that the majority of the injuries were from shattered glass. The shower has caused severe damage to the area, including a collapse of the roof of a 6,000 sq ft Zinc factory

"Preliminary indications are that it was a meteorite shower," an emergency official told RIA-Novosti. "We have information about a blast at 10,000-meter (32,800-foot) altitude. It is being verified."



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