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Updated: Joseph Muscat asks for probe into Rita Schembri emails

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Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that deleted emails that could be relevant to the government's investigation of Rita Schembri should be investigated by the police.

Speaking during a political activity in Mosta, Dr Muscat made reference to claims that that as soon as news of the investigation became public, IT officials deleted e-mails from computers in Ms Schembri’s government office.

He said that this claim should be investigated not just by the auditor general but also by the police, because susch a situation was not acceptable in a European country.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that if anyone, including the leader of the Opposition, had any information about these alleged irregularities, they should go to the police.

"Any report or allegation should be investigated by the responsible authorities, including the Police," he said in a statement. 

Dr Muscat spoke on the budget to be presented on Wednesday saying the Opposition did not know what would happen during the vote but would vote against it, while keeping the basis of the budget and all its positive points.

He said that the electorate would judge the government not just on the Budget but on the past five years.

Dr Muscat said that unlike this government, Labour understood the economy and would not promise to reduce the deficit and then allow it to explode.

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