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Photo by: DOI/Jeremy Wonnacot Photo by: DOI/Jeremy Wonnacot Photo by: DOI/Jeremy Wonnacot Photo by: DOI/Jeremy Wonnacot

UPDATED: Libya can't promise Malta cheaper energy

Article By:
Kevin Schembri Orland

Libyan Prime Minister Zeidan couldn’t make any promises with regards to providing cheaper energy to Malta, however said that “Libya will do what is possible”.

This emerged during bilateral meetings that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi had with Libyan PM Ali Zeidan, this morning in Tripoli, Libya. The conference also covered the topics of illegal immigration and the process of unfreezing Libyan assets held by EU countries.

The Libyan Premier held that with the cooperation of the EU, Libya can rebuild its security structure and be in a better position to fight the war on illegal immigration through better enforcement and sharing of information. “constant co-operation is key. We need to co-operate with the European Union as well as our neighbouring countries,” said Mr Zeidan. A group of EU experts held meetings with the Libyan Chief of Staff and a number of ministers on the issue, he added.

PM Lawrence Gonzi spoke about the frozen assets that a number of EU countries hold following the toppling of the Gaddafi regime. The Maltese Premier announced that he was personally involved in discussions to speed up the process of unfreezing within the EU. Dr. Gonzi stated that “Libya is more than welcome to send a delegation to Malta and claim its frozen assets here, given that Libya follows the UN and international rules which apply”. The assets were frozen during the beginning of the Revolution, in 2011.

The two delegations spoke about extending the friendship between the two countries in a number of areas; culturally, economically and educationally. Both PM’s hinted at a possible redesign of the treaty between our two countries in the near future.

Towards the end of the conference, the Libyan Prime Minister said that the new Maltese consulate is Misurata is currently being studied and will hopefully open in the near future.


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