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Updated: PN explains objection to citizenship scheme

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The leader of the Opposition, Simon Busuttil, this evening met the meeting representatives of the organisations that form part of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) and explained the Opposition’s objection to the citizenship scheme.

During the meeting, Dr Busuttil explained that the PN was in principle against the selling of citizenship and the government’s consultation was not real since the MCESD representatives had not been consulted.

Dr Busuttil said that the scheme had tarnished Malta’s reputation abroad and the Opposition will be challenging in Parliament the legal notice that was published on Christmas Eve through a motion that will be filed to repeal it.

The PN will be meeting the MCESD civil society and the Gozo Regional Committee members on Thursday.

Government reacts

In a reaction, the government said that it was surprised with the claims made by Opposition leader Simon Busuttil who said that the consultation was fake.

“On December 15, Dr Busuttil had said that the consultation was being held and the government and the Opposition were close to reaching agreement.

“The reality is that the government heard and understood the citizens’ position for an innovative programme that was managed in a transparent manner with more commitment between the individual and the country.

“The changes were implemented and with the assistance of the MFSA chairman and other constituted bodies, the programme by investment was designed with the aim of attracting persons who could potentially leave  more than one billion euros in the Maltese economy,” the government said.

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