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Vincent Farrugia calls for EU action plan for retail

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Director General of the GRTU Vincent Farrugia has appealed for a European action plan for retail.

Mr Farrugia wrote that ‘retail’ is a European success story, employing around 18 million people and accounting for 4.2% of GDP. “One in five European SMEs are retailers. Retail efficiency keeps prices down for consumers and ensures choice. This strong and competitive sector could grow even further, employ more people and provide even better value for consumers. A focus on skills needs, flexible forms of employment, and reducing undeclared work is required. Retail could play a valuable role in meeting EU 2020 targets for smarter and sustainable growth,” a GRTU statement held.

A GRTU statement explained that in order to achieve this, European Commerce needs a “full and proper implementation of the Services Directive, the removal of discriminatory trade and tax laws, and selective planning laws, the establishment of an efficient digital retail market underpinned by competitive and efficient payment services, and a significant reduction in the cumulative impact of regulation”.

The GRTU held that the commerce sector need more effective action on infringements, strengthening enforcement with greater administrative co-ordination and acceleration of infringement procedures, stronger notification procedures and better assessment of the impact on retail. There should be an expert group on planning and the freedom of establishment.

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