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"We will let you work": Joseph Muscat to entrepreneurs

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“We will let you work. This is the basis on which economic growth should be built”, said Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat to entrepreneurs while speaking at a seminar about the future of business.

“This is the guideline that we will push forward in our congress. It is what unites us”, he went on to say.

He said that the electoral manifesto of the Labour Party will be a roadmap for economic growth that reaches and everyone and gives opportunities to people in all sectors.

Dr Muscat said bureaucracy hinders employment and accountability and brings about corruption, and that the new government will strive to open new factories and create employment.

Regarding tourism, Muscat said that this is one of the most efficient methods towards economic development, and as in other sectors, the experts of economic development are the people who invest their money, time and energy.

The Opposition Leader said that the Labour Government’s first priority, should he be elected, would be to address competitivity in the energy sector.

“With a sustainable reduction in electricity bills, we will protect jobs and social solidarity”, he said, before claiming that a lack of vision in the energy sector led to irrational decisions being taken and more bills to be paid.

In order to overcome the challenges we have in front of us, we need to work in unison to address the issues at hand, he concluded.

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