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Xmas dip with the Mallorcan boys

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Christian Mangion

The thought of going for a Xmas dip had intrigued me for a couple of years but somehow I always managed to get out of it, but not this year.

The small crowd gathered at El Toro beach mainly consisted of British expats. Emma Conlin and her husband Leon have organised the Xmas dip at El Toro for the past three years and each time there is an increase in the number of people who turn up.

So with the turkey safely in the oven, wine in the fridge and after a couple of Xmas morning shots to get one´s circulation pumping I made my way to the beach.

I had barely uttered more than four words before being hailed as 'the Malteser joining us this year,' by the guys most of which were clad in bath robes and sporting Xmas hats of different shapes.

A beer bottle found its way into my hands duly followed by glasses of Cava, whiskey and a variety of alcoholic drinks, 'to counter the effects of the cold water.' All in all this had all the ingredients for a good party. 'As a bit of extra different fun on crimbo day what's better than running into the sea for a refreshing dip,' Emma said, while Leon topped up the glass with bubbly.

Until now I had managed to stick to my jeans and jumper but Leon and his collegue Lee would not have it that a Maltese guy who lives on a sunny island would not jump in. So after quickly changing in the car, and another couple of drinks we all lined up over a line drawn across the sand and as the firecracker went off we dashed to brave the sea.

The ice cold water made us shiver for the first couple of seconds but soon enough the cold subdued as the body pumped blood faster to make up for the drop in temperature. A number of photos were shot to recall the adventure of Xmas 2102 and we ran up to the warmth of bathrobes awaiting us on the dry beach amidst the clapping of relatives, friends and onlookers.

Over 50 people turned up for this year´s Xmas dip at El Toro beach. It reality it was much warmer than I expected and while adults continued the party a number of brave kids kept playing and splashing waist deep in the sea.

As the crowd slowly dispersed and everyone made their way home for Xmas lunch, Emma and Leon couldn't wipe of the grin on their faces, satisfied that for the third year running the Mallorcan boys had braved the cold sea and kept to the traditional Xmas dip.

As I swirled the scotch at the bottom of my glass I realised that Xmas 2012 had come and gone. But it brought with it a wave of warmth, and some new friends. 

And now it´s Boxing day...and its time I close the lap top and hit the road to join the Mallorcan boys again – this time the party should not include anything colder than an ice cube at the bottom of my drink.

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