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Xmas without politics.

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Ingrid Brownrigg

It has been agreed that for the forthcoming two weeks, no political activities would be held by the two major parties. In light of the festive season, this is a much needed break from the political agenda in a way to allow the Maltese people to spend these celebratory times without any political interference. For this reason, I am too joining my fellow colleagues and instead, I am going to change my next few topics around these joyful times.

We enjoy Christmas day so different from any other public holiday. This is the day our Christ was born. It is one of the largest liturgical feasts being celebrated during the course of the year. It is a day in which family is united. On the other side, it is also a day we have to remind ourselves in loneliness and regretful moments that others have to go through. Every year we have to remind ourselves with others who cannot celebrate these times who might be undergoing difficult times, for one reason or another.

As a young adult, Christmas day was always worth looking for, well before December. I was eager to celebrate these times, perhaps even more since my birthday happens to be in the same period. However, having gone through an awful experience on a personal level during such times in recent years, I realised how it is very challenging seeing all others around you being cheerful whilst required to still have fun.

In view of the Christmas spirit, I would like to show my solidarity and give a word of courage to all those going through difficult times and that for one reason or another cannot rejoice the Christmas spirit. At the same time, I highly encourage you to have a look at all those around you, being lonely, being displeased and unfortunate not to celebrate this special day as they could, to go visiting them, raise their spirits and try to put a smile on their face. Undergoing unsuccessful times, they still merit celebrating these times as much as they could. One might note that even the simplest things could change a person’s life.

It is very often that we would be engaged in different social gatherings during the Christmas times. These are good ways to freely discuss, exchange ideas and most important to exchange wishes for a prosperous Christmas and joyful New Year. It is of very much preference though to celebrate these pleasurable times with control in everything we do, especially eating to drinking. For illustration, it would be usual for these days to book large dinners, lunches and the like in large portions. At the end of such occasions, there would be too much waste around. Despite the useless money that had been spent on such occasions, one has to note that the resulting leftover from dinners (with particular attention) without being consumed, one would be withdrawing support to other persons with less prosperity than we are privileged to enjoy.

In a world where demand for consumption is on the increase whilst supply is relatively on the decrease due to climate change and a reduction of farmers, purchasing more that we require would mean additional pressure particularly to the international market. This would result in a price increase, also due to globalisation. This would also mean that those people with less income would not be in a position to continue buying their needs and wants.

Happy Christmas
During such peaceful times, we have to reflect our thoughts in others, going through difficult times. We have to do our best to live in a better and more comfortable life. Let’s come altogether and enjoy these beautiful times.

I would like to wish you, your family and all readers of this column a very happy and prosperous Christmas full of love, joy and unity.

Ingrid Brownrigg is a PN Candidate on the 3rd District and can be reached on:

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