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Good Luck to Gianluca

Young doctor wins Eurovision song contest with 'Tomorrow'

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Eric Montfort

Gianluca Bezzina will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden after wowing the judges and voting public with his performance of the song Tomorrow.

He emerged as a surprising winner at this year’s Malta Song for Europe having swept away all competition, including favourite Kevin Borg, and won the right to represent Malta at The Eurovision Song Contest which this year will be held at Malmo, Sweden. Gianluca Bezzina’s song Tomorrow was one of two entries by composers and musicians Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat.

The Malta Song for Europe, arguably the biggest event in Malta’s pop music scene, attracted a huge following at the MFCC, through TVM 1 and 2 , and also online.  TVM 2 also decided to host an alternative commentary edition with Norman Vella and Rodney Gauci, with a little help from various personalities, giving their own humorous viewpoints about the participants and their songs.

It was immediately evident that the voting was going to end up as a two-horse race, with Kevin Borg and Gianluca Bezzina obtaining the biggest chunk of the popular votes. The individual judge’s votes, likewise, showed more 12-point preferences for Tomorrow, with Needing You getting ten most of the time. At the end, Tomorrow ended up getting 92 points, 12 more than Needing You.

Betrayed, composed by Elton Zarb and Muxu, and interpreted by Davinia finished third, lagging way behind with 48 points. The song pipped Amber’s In Control, written by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan by just one point. Never Walk Away by Chris Grech, which was also touted as a favourite also managed 47 points.

Gianluca Bezzina, 23, is a medical doctor from Qrendi and no stranger to pop music festivals. This is also the first time that Boris Cezek, a renowned musician and producer who worked with The Flying Alligators, Rug, The Refugees, Quicksand, Ivan Filletti, and Salt among many other talents, has won this popular festival. It is also a first for Dean Muscat, a musician, writer, music critic and literature graduate.



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