New Detention Centre in Naxxar Grounds?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by a representative of the government that 98 people, children along with their families are being kept at the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar.


Sources close to have expressed their concerns regarding detention vans seen passing through the streets of Naxxar during the early hours of Saturday morning. was also told that the vans stopped in front of the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar where, it seems that this morning the police guarding the area seem to have increased.

Helga Ellul proposes Freeport for Luxury Goods

In a press conference held today, PN MEP candidate Helga Ellul outlined a proposal for the setting up of a Freeport for Luxury Goods in Malta, a facility in which high value items would be stored free of any taxes or customs duties. These items could include anything ranging from works of art to precious stones and documents. Apart from storage, the facility could also house showrooms where people could buy or sell items on-site. 



The meaning of the word “reform” (as well as the meaning of what it implies) was totally devalued during the years of Nationalist administration. Then, to all changes whether small or large, the “reform” label got attached, especially in the field of public administration – even when in fact the change would be a step back, towards structures of behaviour that were only relevant in the past.

Friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman cleared of selling heroin to actor

A friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman who was arrested shortly after the Oscar-winning actor's fatal heroin overdose, has been acquitted after agreeing to a plea deal, reports the New York Times.

All charges related to the sale of drugs were dropped against Robert Aaron Vinberg a.k.a. Robert Aaron, a Canadian jazz musician on 28 August.

Ex US Cold War Spy Dies in Prison

Former US navy sailor who led a spy ring for the Soviet Union during the Cold War has died in a prison medical centre at the age of 77.

Retired Navy Warrant Officer John Walker Jr was sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for passing codes and other sensitive data to the USSR. He was also known for having recruited his son, brother and friend to continue spying after he retired. They were later convicted.

The breach was considered among the largest leaks of military secrets in US history at the time.

UPDATE 2: Uprising by the immigrants detained at Naxxar

New reports have reached the website regarding the ongoing situation at the Naxxar building which is acting as a quarantine and detention centre for immigrants.

Reportedly, the immigrants will now be detained for a further 72 hours until they get full medical clearance, after which they will then be transferred to the open centre.

The real question now is whether the government will really stay true to its word and not send the children to the open centre, as promised previously.

Joan Rivers 'resting comfortably' after health scare

US comedienne Joan Rivers is "resting comfortably" and with her family after reportedly going into cardiac arrest during surgery on her vocal cords and being pronounced in critical condition last night.

"We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers," said the 81-year-old's daughter Melissa.

Rivers was taken ill on Thursday at an outpatient centre in the Yorkville, neighbourhood of Manhattan, when she allegedly stopped breathing during surgery and was quickly rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in New York.

Russian authorities must end impunity for attacks on journalists, says OSCE Representative following another attack in Pskov

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović today called for the Russian authoities to fully investigate and prosecute all attacks on journalist following an attack against journalist Lev Schlosberg in Pskov, in western Russia.

Schlosberg, a journalist with Pskovskaya Guberniya newspaper and an active blogger, was beaten yesterday evening near his house. Reportedly he suffered a concussion and a broken nose. Schlosberg’s latest reports covered the death of soldiers who might have been killed in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

UPDATE: Uprising by the immigrants detained at Naxxar

Reports have reached our website that the detained immigrants who are also quarantined because most of them have not been looked at by hospital officials are crying out "Thank you Malta but we want freedom."

The Acting Police Commissioner is still onsite.

More updates as the story unfolds.

Uprising by the immigrants detained at Naxxar

Currently, at the Centre for Ballot Counting in Naxxar, an uprising is taking place by a number of immigrants who in the last hours were detained and quarantined in Naxxar until given medical clearance by the authorities. The reasons behind these protests are still unknown. The situation continues to escalate so much so, that in the last minutes, that the Acting Police Commissioner Ray Zammit has also made his way to Naxxar.