Protest to be held today on illegal immigration cancelled

UPDATE: Police have confirmed that there were two applicants who lodged their application which was eventually withdrawn by both of them.

Earlier this week an event was making rounds on Facebook promoting a protest against illegal immigration.

While people were promoting the event, around 13,000 were invited and 300 had confirmed their attendance as of Sunday morning. However, when the police were contacted they said that nobody has applied for a permit to organise such rally as of Sunday.

New Detention Centre in Naxxar Grounds?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by a representative of the government that 98 people, children along with their families are being kept at the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar.


Sources close to have expressed their concerns regarding detention vans seen passing through the streets of Naxxar during the early hours of Saturday morning. was also told that the vans stopped in front of the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar where, it seems that this morning the police guarding the area seem to have increased.

Helga Ellul proposes Freeport for Luxury Goods

In a press conference held today, PN MEP candidate Helga Ellul outlined a proposal for the setting up of a Freeport for Luxury Goods in Malta, a facility in which high value items would be stored free of any taxes or customs duties. These items could include anything ranging from works of art to precious stones and documents. Apart from storage, the facility could also house showrooms where people could buy or sell items on-site. 



The meaning of the word “reform” (as well as the meaning of what it implies) was totally devalued during the years of Nationalist administration. Then, to all changes whether small or large, the “reform” label got attached, especially in the field of public administration – even when in fact the change would be a step back, towards structures of behaviour that were only relevant in the past.

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WasteServ’s “Collect and Win” campaign continues to reward lucky recyclers

The 8th lottery draw of WasteServ’s ‘Collect & Win’ campaign was held in August and the five lucky winners were recently presented with their prizes by WasteServ management. The presentation was held at the Visitor Centre of the Marsaskala Family Park.

Teatru Astra and BOV launch Gozo’s Autumn Festival and Nabucco

Teatru Astra, together with the support of BOV are proud to announce the 13th edition of Festival Mediterranea, with a series of concerts and events to be held between 23 October and 24 November 2014. Festival Mediterranea is a unique endeavour and the only festival of its kind on the Maltese islands. It brings together the production of an Italian opera and traditional fare.

AFM Recruits intake 2014

Following a call for enlistment of Regular Soldiers, Soldier Athletes and Soldier Musicians with the Armed Forces of Malta, as published in the Government Gazette last year, the AFM  today, welcomed one hundred and thirty (130) new recruits. Out of over five hundred eighty six (586) applications that where processed by the AFM, one hundred and thirty (130) recruits started their military training today.

These included eleven (11) female soldiers and fourteen (14) Gozitan soldiers.

Over 25,000 students back to school

Today marks the start of the 2014/15 scholastic year with over 25,531 students returning to classrooms in state Primary and Secondary Schools. Welcoming them will be a total of 3,476 teachers, 1,832 LSAs and 455 members of the Senior Management Teams.

The beginning of this scholastic year marks important policy landmarks which continue on the Government’s plans to improve the education system in Malta.