LIVE - Simon Busuttil " The longest Budget which was quickly forgotten"

The Leader of the Opposition, Simon Busuttil, closed his speech by saying that in the end good will always win.

20:45 - "The Prime Minister only has an ideology of power. Today, Joseph Muscat has lost the moral authority. The Opposition will be using a weapon. A weapon in which it will consist of truth and political honesty."

20:40 - "This is a government built on lies" SB

UPDATE: Drifting competition permit withheld as Mepa objects


More than 300 people have gathered at MonteKristo Estates to dismantle the tents and to also transfer the cars to Hal Far as the programme of Friday has now been moved to Hal Far.

The event which was expected to be held at MonteKristo will now take place at Hal Far. All those individuals who have bought their tickets for the event for Friday will now be able to use it either on Saturday’s or Sunday’s events.

Protest to be held today on illegal immigration cancelled

UPDATE: Police have confirmed that there were two applicants who lodged their application which was eventually withdrawn by both of them.

Earlier this week an event was making rounds on Facebook promoting a protest against illegal immigration.

While people were promoting the event, around 13,000 were invited and 300 had confirmed their attendance as of Sunday morning. However, when the police were contacted they said that nobody has applied for a permit to organise such rally as of Sunday.

New Detention Centre in Naxxar Grounds?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by a representative of the government that 98 people, children along with their families are being kept at the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar.


Sources close to have expressed their concerns regarding detention vans seen passing through the streets of Naxxar during the early hours of Saturday morning. was also told that the vans stopped in front of the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar where, it seems that this morning the police guarding the area seem to have increased.

Helga Ellul proposes Freeport for Luxury Goods

In a press conference held today, PN MEP candidate Helga Ellul outlined a proposal for the setting up of a Freeport for Luxury Goods in Malta, a facility in which high value items would be stored free of any taxes or customs duties. These items could include anything ranging from works of art to precious stones and documents. Apart from storage, the facility could also house showrooms where people could buy or sell items on-site. 



The meaning of the word “reform” (as well as the meaning of what it implies) was totally devalued during the years of Nationalist administration. Then, to all changes whether small or large, the “reform” label got attached, especially in the field of public administration – even when in fact the change would be a step back, towards structures of behaviour that were only relevant in the past.

NSTS offering full and partially funded scholarships in Business Management

Statement issued by NSTS

NSTS International Academy (Malta) is offering a number of full and partially funded (25%,50%,75%) SCHOLARSHIPS for a Level 4 Diploma Course in Business Management with the Association of Business Executives (ABE). Earlier this year NSTS partnered up with UK based ABE, Surrey and pursued the opportunity to help local young adults, to gain access to an internationally recognised professional course. The Diploma is accredited by Ofqual in the UK and NCHFE in Malta.

BOV Bowling Platinum Cup

Statement issued by BOV

Mark Spiteri wins Men’s Title, Sue Abela retains Women’s Cup

Mark Spiteri is the BOV Men’s Bowling Platinum Cup 2014 Champion beating Mauro Anastasi 237–183 in the final round following a score of 229–173 in their first encounter.

Sue Abela retained the title for the second consecutive year beating Joanna Attard in a closely fought final with the score of 214-205.

BOV employees keen participants in GreenPak’s Irricikla ghall-Istrina

Statement issued by BOV

87.1 kilos of plastic bottle caps were amassed by BOV employees between November and December 2014. These will join millions of other plastic bottle caps being collected through this initiative run by GreenPak Cooperative Society Limited which is also open to schools and organisations. These bottle caps will find a second life, but in the meantime, they will be contributing towards the final sum donated towards L-Istrina 2014.

Sound Banking Sector Paramount to Malta’s Economic Success

A sound banking sector is paramount to Malta’s economic success and therefore the Government is fully committed towards strengthening and supporting financial institutions with the view of encouraging further growth in the economy, said the Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna