About Us

di-ve.com is one of the most popular websites in Malta and has maintained a loyal and ever growing base of viewers ever since its launch in the year 2001. 

It has a strong following across all social and economic groups – with a stronger base of female viewers and at least double the youth base of our competitors.

It is setting the agenda, emerging as a proactive news site with exclusive stories, written with the internet user in mind, and with a truly independent approach to politics. www.di-ve.com is more and more often making the news that others follow.

Visitors know that they will find a regular stream of updated stories and have started to visit the site more and more often. Over a quarter of our visitors check www.di-ve.com more than 200 times a month.

The site is being constantly improved to make it easier for viewers to navigate, meaning that inner pages are now attracting a health percentage of viewers, making these a viable and cost-effective alternative to the home page for advertisers.

New material is also being added to the sports and lifestyle section regularly to make these more dynamic.