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Show us the beef Dr Muscat

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Now that the electoral campaign has been officially launched, and enters into its second day, the most anticipated electoral promise must be Labour Party’s promise to reduce electricity tariffs. Labour have been repeating and insisting that lower electricity tariffs are possible once it is handed the mandate to govern Malta in the next general elections.

Dr Muscat had famously said that he will deliver the beef on January 7, referring to the unveiling of Labour’s plan to reduce electricity tariffs. A day later is equally acceptable and will provide the country with around 60 days to digest, analyse, believe or criticise this plan.

The time to learn more about this promise has arrived as Labour leader, Joseph Muscat, is scheduled to officially unveil Labour’s best kept secret this morning. Without doubt, whatever Dr Muscat reveals this morning will elicit a flurry of adulations, explanations and reactions.

For Labour’s own sake and credibility, the population expects a significant reduction in energy tariffs without compensatory increases elsewhere. At least that is what Malta has been led to believe. 

Electricity is a commodity which is used by the absolute majority of households and businesses to fulfil the most basic of needs. Increases in energy tariffs have been among the main laments for this government as households, entrepreneurs, hoteliers and manufacturing entities publicly expressed their frustration at the relatively high energy bills that impinge on their profitability.

Labour’s solemn promise to lower energy tariffs can only be regarded as the PL’s main electoral card, until the electoral manifesto is launched and found to contain other appealing measures. Whether this promise will be a far-fetched idea or a relatively straightforward plan that can be implemented without complications is a matter of time.

Households and businesses today expect that Dr Muscat delivers a convincing plan they can relate to. This plan has to go beyond electoral rhetoric and has to convince that Labour really have a plan to govern this country based on a business model that can lead Malta to greater success.

Dr Muscat and Labour have so far impressed with their orchestrated launch to the electoral campaign. The PL has been found well prepared and raring to go. The midnight launch of their electoral slogan might be regarded as a gimmick but the visual material prepared to back up their campaign is rolling out and has become very visible towards the South and Central areas of Malta.

Dr Muscat has also been often quoted that he will launch Labour’s electoral manifesto from the word go, and that is another eagerly anticipated occasion.

Following today’s launch, the country expects that Labour will continue to roll out their plans for the 60 days of the electoral campaign and hopefully extends to the next five years in concrete terms.

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