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2012 Annual Kung fu Gradings

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The Malta Self-Defence Academy concluded 2012 with its Annual grading examinations for a number of students who are currently attending classes in traditional Kung fu.

The examinations were conducted by Sifu Mark in the club’s premises in Sta. Venera where students were examined in the presence of all the other club members who are presently attending the various classes offered by the Academy.

Eligible students had to successfully demonstrate various different techniques ranging from kicks, punches and blocks to choreographed movements (called forms or taolu) and a range of self-defence techniques. Two weeks later, the club organised a social gathering, where the successful students were awarded their much awaited sashes and certificates.

Already in its 7th year of operation, the Malta Self-Defence Academy has managed to successfully expand its classes during the years. Starting way back in 2005 with its first classes in Self-Defence techniques,  it has now expanded its operation by also offering 2 weekly lessons in the Traditional Chinese Martial arts of Kung fu in the  effective & original style of Mon Lung  (Dragon style)

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