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2014 European team Championships 3rd League

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Yesterday afternoon,  the  Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport Chris  Agius, visited the Matthew Micallef Athletics Stadium  and met the MAAA squad of athletes that  will be taking part in the 2014 European Team Championships (3rd League) in Georgia on the 21-22 June.

In a message to the athletes and to the President and Council of the MAAA, Chris Agius showed appreciation for the efforts made by the athletes in their training and wished them success in this important international competition which will see the MAAA compete against 14 other European federations namely Albania, Andorra , Armenia,  Azerbaijan,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus , Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,  Israel, Georgia, Iceland, Luxembourg , Moldova, Montenegro, and the  Athletic Association of Small States of Europe.

The MAAA President, Mr Edwin Attard, explained to the Parliamentary Secretary that the MAAA will be seeking to improve upon its 11th placing in Slovakia last year and will be aiming to achieve 9th position which had been achieved in 2010 and 2011.

Towards this end, the President added that the MAAA are aiming to compete with a big squad consisting of 17 male and 13 female  athletes and will also be seeking to field athletes in every event, including events such a s pole vault, high jump and hurdles  where to date the MAAA has always found it hard to field athletes.

The MAAA  President also expressed the belief  that the 2014 ETCH will be a stepping stone towards  strengthening the national team for other important international competitions in 2015, namely the GSSE and the 2015 ETCH which next year will be part of the inaugural European Games. For this reason, the MAAA has set up a Technical Committee consisting of a combination of specialised coaches which report on the progress of leading national athletes.

Finally, the MAAA President pointed out that although the MAAA is seeking to reaffirm its 9th position, the possibility of good individual performances is not excluded. Kevin Moore, fresh from his national record of 21.04 in the 200m in Geneva will be a contender for one of the top spots, while Rebecca Camilleri who broke the Long Jump national record earlier this month may also be in the top three of her event.

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