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ASMK Events at Ta’ Qali and Mellieha

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On February 17, the Cars and Motorcycles Sport Association (ASMK) will be organising its Offroad Motorsport events both at Ta Qali and at l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha. All events qualify for the ASMK-Pasta Poiatti National Championships.

The 8th autocross event together with the 4th motocross event will be held at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta’ Qali and first races start at 11:00h. The 5th Trials Championship competition for Classes A and B respectively are going to be held at l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha, thanks to the cooperation of the All-Wheel Drive Club (AWDC). Malta Bikes Ltd and Putoline Motorcycles Oil are sponsoring this event which is being held on natural terrain and in the ideal environment for outdoor trials competitions. First start of the twelve sections is at 10:00h. This competition has attracted a larger number of competitors as it is being held in a natural environment covered by all MEPA permits.

Racing at Ta Qali is going to be tough in all cars and motorcycle races as competitors are very well balanced. Winner of five autocross championships Patrick Cassar (39 points) is now leading Class A with 5 points on his yellow/silver Opel Corsa. Current champion Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo has secured 34 points so far and Vince Farrugia is placed 3rd overall with 20 points driving a VW Polo.

In Autocross Class B the situation is also competitive. Mario Scicluna is leading with a total of 23 points. Guzi Pace on a Ford Escort, Ryan Scerri and Malcolm Borg both on Opel Corsa cars all share 17 points each.

Marvic Vassallo on a Ford Escort with 40 points is leading the ‘Gozo Autocross’ Class. Christian Apap on another Escort won 30 points so far while Joseph Vella on a yellow Ford Fiesta is placed 3rd overall with 26 points.

After three Class A Motocross Championship events from the eight scheduled, the present top three MX riders all share the same total 67 points each. Clayton Camilleri riding a KTM SXF, Stefan Dimech on a Honda CRF and Carmelo Borg riding a Suzuki RMZ and a Kawasaki each have won 1, 2 and 3 place so far. All is expected to change after next Sunday’s final results. Paul Muscat follows with 54 points.

Motocross Class B rider Trever Muscat on a KTM SXF is leading his class with 75 points to Joseph Bigeni’s 62 points on his Suzuki RMZ. Brandon Cassar is 3rd placed on his Yamaha YZF with 59 points following  a handlebar failure and obviously lost some points. Brandon will surely be pushing hard next Sunday to improve his position while Trever and Joseph surely will do their very best to secure their positions on the points scale

Next Sunday’s Trials event at l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha AWDC Quarry starts at 10:00h and the competitors have to beat the natural obstacles contained in each Section. Damon Bonello is currently leading the Class A with 75 points on his Montesa. Gary Debono follows with 60 points on a Sherco Trials Bike while veteran Trials Robert Caruana is places 3rd overall on  a GasGas.

Young Class B leader Rowen Bonello on a GasGas is leading the chart with 77 points. Brothers Jonathan and Manuel Camilleri are 2nd and 3rd with 65 and 64 points respectively. Both Camilleri’s will be performing their best to beat each other and close the gap on Bonello too.

Next Saturday February 16, ASMK will be holding the practice sessions from 14:00h onwards for the Autocross and Motocross competitors.

More information can be obtained from the ASMK Website

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