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ASMK Galea and Vella win Autocross – Camilleri Bros. Win in Motocross

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On Sunday 4th May 2014 “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” (ASMK) organized the 13th Autocross and the 6th Motocross events of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championships. Racing started at noon till 5.00pm.

It was another golden day for Clayton Camilleri who won all his three Heats and gained valuable championship points. This Motocross Lucas Oil Class A lasts 20 minute + 2 Laps race. Though Clayton is not a shooter off the Start Line yet he is difficult to beat after 3 or 4 Laps on the track. Clayton won his races ahead of brothers Paul and Trever Muscat. Paul rides another KTM 250cc while Trever rides a Honda.

Kyle Camilleri rides an 85cc Suzuki RM while other competitors in his class ride 250cc bikes. But Kyle’s riding is more than spectacular on track. He constantly rides the track in his special way and constantly maintains speed and tactics lap after lap. To-day, he missed 1st place in one of the Heats but gained 72 points from the 75 available. Ludvic Muscat on his KTM 250cc placed 2nd and Clinton Calleja placed 3rd in Class B on his Yamaha 250cc.

The Autocross Heats were much more competitive due to a higher number of competitors on the day. Only Gordon Johnson on his Peugeot 205 won all the Heats thus securing his place on the Lucas Oil Class A Finals. Kurt Sammut on his Ford Ka also qualified for Class A Finals together with Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta, Melo Zammit on a Ford Escort, Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo and Vince Farrugia on his Volkswagen Polo.

Right from the start Galea took the lead and he was closely followed by Zammit, Grech and Farrugia. Following a number of attacks to beat Grech, Farrugia succeeded to beat Grech after 4 Laps. Following this Farrugia caught up and started building pressure on Zammit. In one of the corners following a fast straight Zammit played an unsporty deed on Farrugia but this latter was so quick and maybe he predicted this move. Farrugia passed Zammit in a fast clean pass to the surprise of Zammit. Farrugia, now headed to reach Galea who was leading the race. Farrugia managed to close the gap on Galea who was unbeatable due to the fact that the Flag Marshal soon displayed the Finish Flag. Galea won the Class A ahead of Farrugia, Zammit, Sammut and Johnson. Grech retired before the finish due to a mechanical failure.

The Autocross Lucas Oil Class B competitors were Ryan Scerri on his Opel Corsa, Josef Abela on a Vauxhall Nova, Christian Apap on his Ford Fiesta, Andrew Pisani and Philip Joe Vella both on a Vauxhall Nova and Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa. Vella did more than an excellent Start and he led the 9 Laps race to the Finish Flag. Pisani and Apap followed Vella’s tracks but suddenly Abela fouled on Apap who lost his placing to 6th place. Abela was Warned and penalty followed. It was Borg who took advantage of this deed and started closing the gap to Pisani who followed Vella in the lead. Scerri who now seemed stronger than earlier made his way through till he reached 3rd place and following Pisani. Vella reached the Finish Flag among cheers from his team mates. Next was Pisani ahead of Scerri, Abela Borg and Apap.

Next Autocross and Motocross events will be held on Saturday evening 17th May with the Motocross racing before sunset. The Autocross Heats and Finals will be run under artificial light. The Autocross Practice Sessions on Friday event of the 16th May will also be run till late and under artificial lights.

ASMK will be introducing a low budget Standard Autocross Class. This will be run as from next October. More details and specifications can be seen at
Photo by Jonathan Cole

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