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EVS Race Truck Smashes Own Personal Record

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After an absence of 6 years, the Express Trailers sponsored 1800BHP race truck, more popularly referred to as the EVS Race Truck, made a great comeback at the National Drag Racing Event when on Sunday the 16th of March it managed to break its previous record of 10.95 seconds over the Quarter of a Mile distance by clocking 10.8 seconds and reaching a top speed of 123mph. Just to put this into perspective, such timings are clocked by supercars, the likes of Ferrari 458, Nissan GT-R and the Bugatti Veyron.

“I was very satisfied with the result especially when we take into consideration the fact that no upgrades or modifications have been made to the truck over the past six years and we just took off from where we left and chipped 0.15seconds off the record. The only thing we did before the race was clean up the truck and fill it up with fuel!” exclaimed Noel Vella, the engineer and driver of the truck, immediately following the event. Noel Vella is the Head of Fleet Maintenance and Director at Express Trailers.

“Indeed, after six years,  Noel lost nothing of his reflexes and skill and drove the EVS race truck to make a memorable comeback in great style, thrilling several enthusiasts and making us all proud,” states Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers who operate the service.

“Our decision to bring back the truck out of retirement had marketing motives but was based on parallel similarities in the inherent qualities of both the EVS Racing Team and Express Trailers - Reliability, Efficiency and Trustworthiness! These are the hallmark obsessions of both teams. We make conscious investments to ensure we deliver up to the expectations of our client. The racing team spares nothing to give the best performance.” added Franco Azzopardi.

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For the video showing the EVS truck complete its record-breaking challenge and more photos visit


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