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Ferrari reveal F14T

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Scuderia Ferrari have officially unveiled the F14 which is powered by a 1.6 litre, turbo V6 power unit and features a new-look nose.

Development of the F14 T, the 60th single-seater built by Ferrari for F1 championship competition, began over two years ago, and it is the first car to be influenced by new technical chief James Allison since he joined the team from Lotus late last year.

Its chassis retains the pull-rod suspension of its F138 predecessor, but little else. Packaging the new ERS-assisted power unit has been one of the biggest design challenges, in particular meeting its increased cooling needs while retaining adequate aerodynamic downforce.

“This is one of the key areas where having both power unit and chassis under one roof has been strongly to the benefit of the Scuderia,” said the team.

“Having chosen the correct overall level of cooling to supply, packaging the resultant cooler elements and managing the correct airflow to them is something which has absorbed a very large investment of design time to ensure that the F14 T is able to retain the sharply tapered bodywork that allows efficient extraction of downforce from the design.”

Ferrari admitted that the sheer complexity of the 2014 regulations meant that delivering a car under the minimum weight requirement of 691kg had been much tougher than in previous years. They also stressed the importance of optimising the car for Pirelli’s revised 2014 tyres.

“Weight control has been an important part of the project from the outset in order to deliver a car with a workable amount of ballast that will permit us to operate and develop the car through the season.

"Equally important will be the car’s integration with the new tyres that Pirelli is introducing this year. The ability of the F14 T to get the most out of their characteristics will be one of the cornerstones in terms of seeing if our overall efforts will deliver the hoped for results.”

The F14 T will make its official track debut next Tuesday, when pre-season testing gets underway with a four-day session at the Spanish circuit of Jerez.

Allison, meanwhile, also made it clear that while the new regulations will mean a rapid rate of both aerodynamic and power train development throughout 2014, outright performance in those areas is unlikely to decide the championship.

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