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FIFA reforms might not occur before 2015

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Reforms for the new FIFA President and his executive committee to be elected by its congress may not be achieved by 2015, around the time of the next FIFA Presidential elections.

"I am not sure that by 2015, the rules will be in place to ensure that the president and the executive committee members of FIFA will be elected by the same entity (the FIFA Congress), because we have not dealt with the first part of the reforms,” FIFA president Sepp Blatter said. He stated that he wants the person to succeed him to have the same approach to the globality for football which he has had.

Mr Blatter added that football must not go back to the Confederations as some Europeans want, adding that he will fight to maintain the authority of FIFA.

Mr Blatter stated that anyone who is made FIFA President would have difficulties effectively leading without changing the basis if its electoral legitimacy. They are elected by their confederations and they each have separate agendas. This makes it very difficult to bring them all under one roof," Mr Blatter concluded.

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