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First Game for Winter League won by Krishna

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On Saturday the scheduled Winter league game between Krishna C.C and Melita C.C was awarded to the Krishna team which earned them twelve points and has them on top with 26 points. Melita have 8 points and Marsa have 6. So far only one game has been fully played out of a possible four, one has been postponed and the other unplayable due to the rain.

With the league game off a friendly twenty over game was played between the North and South.

The South team batted first with experienced opener Tim Wheeler and Bikram Arora opening the innings,  both batsmen lasted seventeen balls, both were caught, Wheeler made ten runs while Arora made seventeen which included three fours which were hit in the second over of the innings. Mike Caruana played a long innings and was the last batsmen out scoring forty one runs which included five fours.

Zubair Raja batted with flare scoring twenty two runs from fourteen balls which included a four and a six. Tony Slater would have had more than three runs had it not been for good fielding. Kevin Krishna did not bother the scorers and Waseem Abbas was left stranded on ten runs with two overs to go. The South side totalled 120 with the extras. For the North side Nowell Khosla took three wickets, Sarfraz Ali two and Sharoon Lazar one.

The North opened up with   master blaster Haroon Majeed who did not disappoint making forty nine runs which included three fours and a six, and John Rusher who after thirty balls faced retired making ten runs. Matt McKeogh made nine runs, Nowell Khosla made a quick fire thirty from sixteen balls which included five fours all coming from one over, and that bowler was rested.

John Grima made eight runs and suddenly the North side needed seven runs from the last over with Lazar and Shah Nawaaz batting. Three wides did not help the South side, a single and a two brought the scores level with one ball to go. Nawaaz facing was a s cool as a cucumber and easily made the winning run possible.

For the South side Bikram Arora and Mike Caruana took a wicket each.

Next Saturday the Winter league continues with the Krishna team taking on Marsa. The Sunoco cricket academy/nursery will be from 09.00h till 10.30h.

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