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GasanMamo supports Mosta FC Youth Nursery

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GasanMamo Insurance is once again supporting the Mosta Football Club Youth Nursery in their annual penalty shoot-out. The main aim behind the event that will take place on Sunday 6th April at the Mosta Football Ground is to raise much needed fund for the Nursery.

“At GasanMamo we strongly belief in helping children develop through sports, and at the same time learn the values of giving and sharing, values that converge with our own,” said Mark Mamo, General Manager at GasanMamo.

All children that are registered with the nursery are eligible to take part in the penalty shoot-out. To further incentivise the children, a Eurosport gift will be given to the child who collects the most money. The nursery encourages the public to attend for the shootout and cheer the children on whilst helping them achieve their main aim of raising fund for their nursery. 

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