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Kung fu students grading examinations

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The Malta Self-Defence Academy started 2014 on a positive note after conducting its bi-annual Grading examinations to a number of students who are currently practising Mon Lung (Dragon style) Kung fu.

The examinations were conducted by Sifu Mark Spiteri who diligently studied his students in the presence of all the other club members who are presently attending the various classes offered by the Academy.

The eligible students successfully demonstrated various different techniques ranging from a wide variety of kicks, punches and blocks, choreographed fighting movements (called forms or taolu) and a range of realistic Self-defence techniques. 

A formal presentation was held recently where successful students were presented with their grading certificate and Sash. Sifu Mark had words of praise for all his students who have trained with great dedication in previous months in preparation of these examinations.

The students who participated successfully in these gradings are:

  • Yellow Sash: Kate Agius, Rosalind Agius, Peter Tonna, Rowena Agius, Leon Bishop, Eden Lo Presti
  • Orange Sash: Denzil Sciberras, Shari-Marja Azzopardi

From a modest start eight years ago, the Malta Self-Defence Academy managed to expand its classes during the years. Starting in 2005 with its first classes in Self-Defence techniques, it has now expanded its operation by also offering two weekly lessons in the Traditional Chinese Martial arts of Kung fu. A Martial Art which gives an opportunity to practitioners to not only train their external side but to also sharpen their internal part (which is normally neglected in today’s society), thus providing a balanced & holistic training experience. 

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