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Marsa C.C win cricket title

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On Saturday the final three games of the CRIC HQ MCA Summer league were played. A very eventful day.

In the first game Marsa C.C played against Krishna C.C. Krishna needed to win to have a chance to win the title, on the other hand if Marsa won it would mean the title for them.

The Marsa team batted first with great performances from Mark G.Sacco (thirty runs from thirty balls which included three boundaries), Andrew Naudi (twenty seven runs, two fours and a six), Chris Naudi (thirty three not out, from fifteen deliveries, four boundaries) and Bikram Arora (seventeen runs). After the twenty overs the team total was 153. A very good total. For Krishna , Sarfraz Ali took two wickets, while Kevin Krishna and Nowell Khosla took a wicket each. The big question, were Krishna good enough, the answer no, Zubair Raja put in an excellent display making forty six runs from thirty balls which included five fours and a six, and Tony Azzopardi chipped in with sixteen runs. The final score of 122 was not enough, for Marsa John Callus and Ronnie Sacco took two wickets each while Bikram Arora and Malcolm Crabbe took a wicket each. Marsa win the game and the title.

In the second game the newly crowned Marsa played the Marauders C.C where again they batted first. With great bowling from the Marauders the Marsa team were held to 96 runs, Malcolm Crabbe top scored with twenty three runs and Ravi Sharma made seventeen. The wicket takers for Marauders were Mike Caruana with two while, Luke Bradley, Amy Caruana, Ian Pendlebury,Tom Newell and Ewan Perenz took a wicket each. The Marauders for the second time in a row beat the Marsa team, this time it took till the seventeenth over. Tom Newell with forty two runs was instrumental in the win, Ewan Perenz made sixteen not out and Dean Arnold twelve. For Marsa Ravi Sharma and Malcolm Crabbe took two wickets each while Dhrava and Chris Naudi took a wicket each. The win put the Marauders four points behind second on the ladder Krishna, so if Marauders win the last game they will be runners up in the league , a huge achievement for the team.

In the third game Marauders batted first and again Tom Newell produced the goods scoring forty nine runs he was aided well by Ian Pendelbury who made a distinguished thirty two runs. The final total was of 112. For Krishna Kevin Krishna, Haroon Majeed, Amil and Sid Anand all took two wickets each while Adam Krishna took a wicket.

What was to be an exciting finish became a shambles after two overs had been bowled. The Krishna captain halted the game with a minor controversy the umpires were consulted and the game halted there. The points after careful examination were given to the Marauders C.C with the action taken by the Krishna captain being looked at as not in the spirit of cricket and therefore the game forfeited by the Krishna team.

Therefore not in the manner the Marauders intended, they managed to be the runners up in the CRIC HQ MCA Summer league.

Next weekend (starting Friday) sees new touring team from Spain, Cricket Federation of Catalunya   in a three game series.

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