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Mqabba FC: More focus on youth development

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The main objective of Mqabba FC Youth Nursery is to lure youngsters to the beautiful game of football.

Thanks to the team of professional and dedicated coaches, our youngsters are guided to train well, keep physically and mentally fit, play fairly and have fun together.

With the number of members increasing every year, Mqabba FC Youth Nursery felt the necessity to introduce and adopt new systems which will help the administration in its day to day works with the aim to focus more on youth development.

Pitch 22 is easily accessible through internet by everyone from everywhere through a personalized username and password while facilitates the communication between the nursery, parents and members. 

Pitch 22 helps the committee in gathering all the data under one roof while having updated record keeping on all our members. 

Every parent and member within Mqabba FC Youth Nursery will be receiving an invitation to join the platform. Just follow the instructions and access is given.  Players, under the age of 18, will not have access to the platform until one of the parents/legal guardians accepts the invitation to join.

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