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Rossi addicted to winning

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Christian Mangion

In an interview with the Dainese Magazine, Valentino Rossi spoke about his continued desire for victory, and opened up about other aspects of the MotoGP paddock.

“For me it's the taste of the victory,” said Rossi. “It's something different from all other things. It's like a drug. This is the main reason for racing. Unfortunately, it's very short-lived for only three or four hours and the next day, you need more. It never stops.”

“There's a lot of adrenaline before the race but it's a good feeling. But after the race starts, you are in another dimension. You get this high level of concentration and do what you have to do. Everything becomes clear,” he added.

Rossi however also spoke about the changing landscape of life in MotoGP and how things have changed over the years. “In the last few years, the sport has become too serious and so have the riders. In the past, it was more just about bravery but now everybody is more serious and very athletic. They diet and train a lot and don't have a normal life. I think it's important to be able to have fun too,” the Italian rider held.

The Doctor couldn’t help but comment mischievously about his now retired foe Casey Stoner and their epic battle at Laguna Seca in 2008 saying that Stoner started to hate him just because he lost and after that, he always seemed to talk about this race, because he wasn't man enough to understand that at that time he lost.

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