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Schumacher accident report suggests star was at fault

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The report compiled by French police into the accident which left Michael Schumacher in an induced coma suggests that the former racing driver is entirely to blame for skiing into virgin territory that was unmarked.

Prosecutors suggest that Schumacher skied into a dangerous area nine metres away from a marked piste and the resort had followed all safety procedures.

“Schumacher found himself in an area which was not marked with the dangers of the mountain,” gendarme commander, Stephane Bozon, said in a press conference. 

The prosecutors are examining the images filmed by a GoPro camera attached to Schumacher’s helmet at the time of the accident. Prosecutor Patrick Quincy suggested that there was no criminal prosecution against those responsible for marking the slopes. He added that Schumacher had deliberately chosen to veer off the marked piste.

Schumacher is being kept in a medically induced coma 10 days after the accident and medics have noted a slight improvement in his health which remains in critical condition following two brain operations.

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