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UEFA Under-17 Championship Malta 2014 Reach Out campaign

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For the UEFA European Under-17 Championship that will be held in Malta and the Local Organising Committee is embarking on a widespread campaign called Reach Out.

Reach Out will consist of a number of mini campaigns targeting the various sectors of society, which are intended at attracting a consistent turn-out for all the 15 matches of the tournament.

Reach Out will further cater for the possibility of roping in the cultural and educational aspects within the sporting activity of this event.

Reach Out will carry the two themes adopted by the LOC in promoting the tournament.

The theme will be specifically aimed at promoting the development of the local game and include campaigns targeting the younger generations, particularly those in schools and football nurseries.

On the other hand Friendship Through Football will be theme aimed at highlighting the power of football in bringing people together and thus create a friendly atmosphere among both locals coming from various sectors of society and visitors.

The Malta U17 Finals will present the local community with a chance to host and get to know better the different cultures that hail from the countries here being represented by their sporting communities, whether they are young football players, team and association officials, accompanying fans or the media. Sponsors, students and school children can here play an important role in hosting and learning more about our guests.

The Education Zone in particular, is a campaign which is aimed at giving the opportunity to students and school children to enrich their socio, cultural and educational skills and knowledge by participating in initiatives which are being organised by the Local Organising Committee, of the event.

This campaign is being supported by the Ministry of Education and Employment and the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

School administrators are invited to organise classes for an excursion, offering the opportunity to school children to enjoy The Stadium Experience, and attend to a match featuring either their fellow citizen youth players or indeed players from the representative teams coming from the top European Nations in Youth Football, in action at such an important sporting event.

All State, Church and Independent Schools are being urged to participate in this initiative. There will be no capping on the  number of students/school children that can attend from each school.

Local and International Sport events are not limited solely to the field of play, but also bring with them the Educational and Socio/Cultural aspects. The UEFA European Under 17 Championship Finals will not differ. School administrators are invited to encourage children from their respective schools to participate in project work related to these aspects that The Malta 2014 Finals will offer.

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