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Apple postpones iPhone 5 shipping date

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We won’t see infinite rows of Apple customers waiting in line to get the new iPhone5 for a while, as the company has pushed back the shipping date for pre-orders, mere hours after the phone was added to the list of Apple items for sale on their website.

According to the same web page where the iPhone 5 is listed, the phone will be in all retail stores on September 21, but another page also says that if ordered, all three models of the phone; the 16GB, the 32GB and the 64GB will be shipped within two weeks from the date they were ordered.

Compared with the 22 hours it took for the iPhone 4S to sell out during pre-order period and the 20 hours it took for the iPhone 4 to close out the same deal, the iPhone 5 sold out after just one hour, according to

A report by says the new iPhone is also available on the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint websites, all three of which report that the phone has a delivery date of September 21.


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