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Diving in Gozo

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As part of the archipelago that includes Malta, Gozo can be considered something of a Mediterranean paradise. It's remote and not as renowned, nor built-up, as Malta but has plenty to offer tourists with its sparkling bays, perfect for diving and scuba-diving, as well as its great selection of historical remnants and charming countryside life.

Many of the cities on the island contain strong historical backgrounds, such as its capital, Victoria. Victoria includes an ancient citadel that was a strong method of fortification in past eras when piracy was prevalent around those waters. Another popular destination is Xewkija, a large town with a host of churches dotted around its land, harking back to the country's more religious traditions.

For tourists, the resorts of note in the area include Marsalforn and Xlendi. Both are usually included in package deals and sit pleasantly on the coast where guests can spend the day diving the waters around Gozo. Marsalforn also includes its own homage to Rio's famous Christ The Redeemer monument which many will be interested in seeing.

In terms of beaches, the standout name is Ramla il-Hamra, the finest on the island, full of rich and deep red sands. The area is one of completely unspoiled beauty and the lack of development has ensured that the beach has remained peaceful, perfect for tourists seeking relaxation as well as beauty. For those into their mythology, the area is said to be home of Calypso's Cave, a well-known reference in Homer's Odyssey.

Other places to visit include the Azure Window, a part of Gozo's stunning west coast, and the Blue Hole, great for divers. The cliff formation extends out to sea and includes a naturally carved arch. The area has been left unspoiled and the idyllic scenes make it a perfect place to swim and dive, though many should be aware of the rocks in the area that can be a hazard to swimmers and surfers.

The country's religious tendencies are furthered with the impact of Ta' Pinu Basilica, an incredibly tall and impressive building that highlights a more man-made beauty on the island. Though the mythology is questioned by many, it's said to be an important place of pilgrimage and individuals claim that it possesses a magical aura, capable of miracles and enlightenment.

Hiking is another incredibly popular activity for those visiting the island with its remote stretches of land. Whilst exploring attractive areas such as Xaghra, which lies close to the capital, many choose to explore the Ggantija Temples, early examples of megalithic temples present on the island of Gozo.

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