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Italy considered the most stylish nation

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Italy, Spain, France, Britain and Denmark are considered to be the most stylish nations by 12,000 persons who took part in a European survey carried out by Skyscannar, Europe’s leading travel search site. On the other hand Russia, followed by the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Sweden were voted as the least stylish nations.

Skyscanner said Italy, the home of iconic fashion houses such as Gucci and Armani, perhaps unsurprisingly tops the poll but, despite the world renown of the London and Paris Fashion Weeks, it is the Spanish who are nipping at the Italians’ designer heels for the mantle of Europe’s most stylish.

At the bottom of the style spectrum, The Russians and Dutch are clearly struggling to shake off the age-old stereotypes of bear fur hats and clogs, as they got the fashion thumbs down from the rest of Europe.

Skyscanner issued the results of the survey during London Fashion Week. Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie commented: “Departure lounges in London, Paris and Milan are going to be packed with more sartorial elegance than usual throughout September, as the latest ‘It’ bags replace summer holiday suitcases on the baggage carousels. However, despite being home to some of the world’s most iconic fashion designers, Britain still has some way to go to convince visitors from the rest of Europe that it really is the true capital of fashion.”

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