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TRAVEL AT HOME: Bread festival in Qormi

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Joanna Demarco

The idiom ‘Man cannot live by bread alone’ argues that cultural heritage, music, and art are just as important for humans as food.  However, for the men (and women) of Qormi, bread forms a substantial aspect of the local cultural heritage and the spotlight is on the humble food staple this month, during the the 11th edition of the Qormi Bread Festival, ‘Lejl f’Casal Fornaro’, which kicks off on  Friday September 21 from 19:00 onwards.

The highlight of the event will undoubtedly be the spectacular 100 metre-long bezzun (bread roll), which will be sold in aid of the Community Chest Fund on Saturday. However, other less wheaty cultural activities will be interspersed throughout the two-day event, strongly supported by Maypole Bakery Ltd, whose involvement in the bread-making industry in Qormi dates back to more than a century.

Throughout the event, the old streets of Citta Pinto will resemble what they were during the times of the Knights. The WWII shelter beneath the police station and one under the statue of St Paul will also be on display.
The jam on the bread will be the different entertainment stages spread out throughout the activity, each one offering live drama, Maltese traditional songs, marches from numerous Maltese bands, and shows by established singers and top local talent, including hitmakers Airport Impressions.

The varied nature of the festival means that it will appeal to people as much as bread – so pretty much everyone should love it.

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